Let's Watch This Fun Video From International Steem Meetup #1—Malaysia

Steem meetup in Malayisa was a lot of fun and looking back it seems like it was a long time ago. Timelines for the video got pushed forward and we had to focus on different projects owing to the bearish nature of the market currently.

This is the 5th video I've produced in collaboration with my friend and YouTuber @shenoy. The next video in queue is from the meetup in Tezpur, India. Video from the meetup at Tezpur will be live soon. I'm hopeful that we can do more videos similar to this one in the future if feasible.

You can view the posts from the meetups conducted for the following Indian cities below.

#1 Jaipur Meetup
#2 Bangalore Meetup
#3 Mangalore Meetup
#4 New Delhi Meetup

The post on the meetup in Malaysia is here!

Videos from other Meetups in India are here:

#1 Jaipur Video
#2 Bangalore Video
#3 Mangalore Video
#4 New Delhi Video

I'm also running my witness, backup and seed nodes now to support our blockchain and they are running great without a missing a single block in the last few months. You can view my witness proposal here and vote for me here: https://steemit.com/~witnesses

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