Token price of Steem or Hive would determine where the community goes


There is a lot to digest with the latest hardfork happening on the Steem blockchain, expect a lot of volatility in the coming hours to days. As with everything in life, money would play a great part as to who stands at the end of the day. I like the idea of decentralization but also recognize its only a dream if the community isn't financially equipped to the support the chain. Its a bold move from the Hive developers but it also comes with risk, of which I would highlight below. On the technical side of things, I am confident in the abilities of the Hive team to keep the chain going given the experience they would have gain from running the Steem blockchain over the years. My major concern has to do primarily with the financial aspect of their plan, is this something they can sustain over a long period of time. They would have to keep a community happy and support developers, much of which would be determine base off the price of Hive token. One of the positive coming from this hardfork is the amount of prominent exchanges that is supporting this fork, however, the cloud of being listed on those exchanges still lingers.

The Steem blockchain has the comfort of finally being financially solid and Justin Sun has all the experience to pull this off and turn this into a huge success, however, much of this would be determine base on the community that is left behind. There obvious would be some selling pressure coming from the Hive developers who would sell their tokens to support Hive chain but this theoretically could span out a 13 week period. Likewise, some within the Steem blockchain would claim their Hive token and subsequently dump on the exchange. We could end up with a situation similar to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash that happen during their fork. Steem could move violently higher as a lot of selling pressure would shift away from the chain but also could fall if the community loses faith. The Hive developers especially the Hive witnesses must be able to absorb pain (financial loss) for up to six months because what happen on the Steem blockchain before Justin Sun took over cannot happen on the Hive blockchain. That would result in quick death of the chain as liquidity and selling pressure would drive the community back to the Steem blockchain.

As to the token price of Steem, SBD, Hive and Hive Dollars(Hive dollars, if its in their development) expect a lot of volatility as it would present great opportunity. Given the supply mechanics of Steem dollars and Hive dollars, this could jump crazy so be extra careful but there would be money to be made.

I am pretty neutral, as the title suggest much of where I go from here would be determine base on the price. I have rallied and continue to support Steem but if Hive presents an opportunity I would definitely look into it. If Hive is what Steem basically was over the last 2 years, I won't waste my time. I wish all parties involved all the best.

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