I bite the dust trying to decentralized, all my Steem and SBD on Openledger gone and thoughts on Steem

I try my best to support Steem and SBD wherever it is listed, I have taken a liking for SBD, so I put a few orders across different exchanges just to trade it. After reading @kingscrown post I realized I was screwed. What hurt me most is the amount of SBD I had there. Its turning out to be a painful lesson with some of these so call 'decentralized' exchange. I am very annoyed of this situation, a couple months ago I got screwed over when Bitshares had its collateralized recall moment. While some may look at my account an say, its just over 1200 USD you get over it, this actually means a big lost for me.

Currently I am sitting on massive losses on Steem on Bittrex, I am just keeping my fingers cross it does not get delisted given that Poloniex has already axed SBD. Overall, the Steem has lost a lot of momentum and I sort of understand why exchanges whether they are centralized or decentralized are taking measures to remove underperforming tokens. I am closely watching Bithumb and Upbit, the trading on those platforms has died significantly and some of those traders have been downvoted off the platform a long time ago.

The problem I have with Steem, its all over the place, lots of people have a vision of the platform and many intention are good but the way they go about it comes into question. One of the significant actors in the downvote scheme that drive a lot of the Asian traders off the platform is actively dumping Steem while putting out 2 and 3 line post pumping up his post for weeks. Probably not smart of me to mention that as I could get nuke with some downvotes, but at this point what do I have to lose?

Frankly speaking Bittrex is the life-blood of this platform and I suggest Steemians take an active interest in trading on the exchange to lift the volume. Given the anemic volume of Steem on Poloniex, I fear it could be among the next round of coins that could be delisted. Its difficult to buy Steem given its trend and I understand why many are sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if it recovers to take action. The reality Steem faces is that it is not performing in terms of volume for exchanges to continue to support it. All the beautiful post and hopeful writers on the platform need to realize just how dire the situation currently is and why action is needed. Steem needs boost of energy from somewhere.

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