Value Is In The Community


This is going to be a blunt post and to the point and I don't care if it ruffles feathers. Most users that I know think along the same lines and are thinking similar thoughts to what I am going to raise on this post. This is not attacking anyone, but just raising some issues I have been noticing.

Steem users who have been on Steem for some time will understand where I am coming from. I have been on there for 20 months or so now and have been part of the community from day one. Steem is about growing your account along with others around you, it is impossible to grow it on your own so you interact with as many users as possible. It is not circle jerking,but spreading your vote around. That is how you grow and the bigger you get I suppose it becomes circle jerking at some point.

When I look at a hell of a lot of Sportstalk users who have been on here from early on and don't hold a huge stake I would expect to see a decent sized Steem stake at least or maybe another token that you may have invested in. I wouldn't expect to see 100 Steem or 200 Steem and not many Sports Tokens as that tells me you have milked both ends and that is not good. I do get that some people need to earn money to live and pay bills, but Sports is too young as a token to just plunder every day. There are only so many buyers and when there is no new money coming in the token will drop like a ton of bricks and your Sports tokens you sell every day will be worthless.

The question is why would anyone support someone like that as you are just going to send every token or Steem you make to the exchanges and you hold no value to other users on here. I have no problems supporting users who are growing on Steem, Sportstalk or another token, but refuse to help the users who are just plundering every site they are on. Those users are just using everyone around them and are pure leeches who don't deserve anything.


The community is where the true value lies and I don't care if the token drops even further down the charts as I love sports. The token value is secondary as luckily I have Steem as the main account. If Sports drops down to 0.000001 which it could possibly do then what for most of the plunderers you are screwed as you have literally killed the Goose that laid the golden egg. I will still be here as it doesn't change anything for me as I am here for sports and the people around me with similar interests.

I read a comment on another post tonight saying it may not have been wise to stake 1 million Sports tokens considering what happened to Scorum. All I can say that is seriously negative and thank heavens I never went to Scorum. Maybe there are loads of Scorum users here now and why the comment was said.There is a big difference though which many forget and that there are loads of Steem users on Sports who were never part of Scorum and why I say Sports will succeed.

What I don't understand is we can see the exchange under pressure with the price dropping yet users still are sending tokens to the market.This is not just Sports, but all the tokens have been under pressure at some point and no common sense has been used by selfish individuals. I could be sending 140 000 tokens a day to the exchange and then looking right now the token value would be in the 0.0005 range. All I am saying is use your brains and give the token a chance to recover.

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