CoinDesk On Tap, STEEM Meetup NYC and New Venture

Hey guys!

Earlier this week I gave a talk at CoinDesk in NYC about STEEM and my new venture as well - which is a new token, the MIT, backed by ownership in a portfolio of US companies managed by Intellisys Capital

There were 80 people at the talk and thanks to @riverhead for giving me a STEEM pin to wear during the talk!

At one point during the talk we were discussing "What are currently the most promising Appcoin projects?"

I turned to the audience and said "How many of you have written, voted or even browsed ?"

Out of 80 people, over a dozen raised their hands.

I turned to Marco and said "I think we have the winner. "

After the talk I sat with the CoinDesk folks and I explained to them that the price may not always reflect how a project is doing, its the users and community. I've always said that the crypto community is stronger than anything. If you have a community a project will succeed.

They said "I think we should be covering Steem more often" and I even suggested @Ned give the next talk at the "OnTap Series"

The following more @wmougayar wrote a fantastic article on CoinDesk called "Steemit's First 'Fest' Reveals the Power of Blockchain Community"

I also want to thanks the guys below for coming to the event.

@hitheryon - (Michael, Kirk, Eric, Jeremy)
@voronoi - Kirk
@hansikhouse - Michael
A few others I cannot remember, I'm sorry!

Here is some more information about my new venture. I look forward to buying Steem as part of the projects portfolio.

Happy Holidays