Reintroducing BDCommunity to Steem Blockchain


Let us begin with some history. We started BDCommunity five months ago with a view to helping Bangladeshi content creators and branded it as After a few months, we paused its operation because of core members leaving the blockchain or became inactive.

We are resuming operation with a new introduction.

Why BDCommunity?

When we envisioned BDCommunity, Steem was a tough place for Bangladeshi people. English is not our first language. We did not know the rules, norms, and etiquettes of the Blockchain. Many turned to spam, low quality plagiarized contents and bid-bot abuse for rewards.

We are trying to establish BDCommunity as a platform where every individual can ask questions, get support and encouragement, and receive rewards for quality contents.

Our main focus will be Bangladeshi content curation but we are committed to supporting other creators too especially newbies.

What are our Goals?

  • Curate and showcase quality contents
  • Onboard and educate new users
  • Offer mentorship and guidance
  • Produce tutorials for newbies
  • Run contests and encourage engagement
  • Making Steem a fun experience
  • Fighting abuse

What are we Doing?

We are running a score based curation initiative which is voting on manually curated contents when our voting mana is at a certain percentage.

Our BDExchange bot enables a peer-to-peer exchange of STEEM/SBD for fiat. It also converts STEEM to SBD or vice-versa at the best price from Steemit Market. This is helping non-technical and new users a lot.

On our Discord server we have contest runner bot that enables an individual to run and manage a contest easily and increase engagement.

@zaku and @bdvoter are donating discounted account creation tokens so that we can create new accounts to onboard new users.

We are actively reporting abuse in the Bengali language to @steemcleaners.

Who are Managing?

The management team currently includes @reazuliqbal as a developer, @zaku, and @sourovafrin as moderator, @linco, and @ayasha as curator, @mhossain, @sheikhsayem, and @zayedsakib as scout.

How are we Operating?

Our curation initiatives are dependent upon delegations from the community. Here is a list of our current delegators.

@reazuliqbal200 SP
@sourovafrin100 SP
@ayasha100 SP
@pearlymarly705 (@anikaa)50 SP
@bdvoter (@zaku)64 SP
@hafizullah30 SP
@mawahab20 SP

If you want to support us, please consider following our curation trail on or delegating STEEM POWER to us.

20 SP50 SP100 SP300 SP500 SP1000 SP2000 SP

Hopefully, our community programs will make a significant contribution to the Blockchain!


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