MisterDelegation just moved SP from abuse fighters, to abusers

Check this out https://steemd.com/@misterdelegation


Not only is @justinsunsteemit replacing his sockpuppets with real puppets , he's removing delegations from critical abuse fighting groups to give it to his lackeys like @justyy (aka @themilkymark) . Wow.

It's also been over 24hrs since new Roy has checked in. "Trust us guys we're working around the clock to resolve this as a win-win for everyone". Your silence is deafening.


I could rant about all the ways this is wrong, but I don't think it's even needed at this point.

Edit: I'm recovering from my rage stroke, will flesh this post out more soon. We stirred up a fuss in the stinc slack and new roy has awoken to another clusterfuck.


I've been suspicious of justyyy for months before this drama. He got busted farming rewards with automated reports on multiple accounts, which led to clashes with marky, which led to the themilkymark's wierd blackmail attempt via transfer memos a while back. The proof is out there if anyone cares.

Another side joke to this is that justyyy supported the soft fork (as did new roy).

The biggest changes

The delegation transactions pictured above overwrite previous delegations. This is what they used to be :

@spaminator: 2.7 Million SP to 100 SP
@dtube : 2 Million SP to 200K
@steemcleaners : 1.5 Million SP to 100 SP
@oracle-d : 2 Million SP to 50K SP
@steemhunt : 1 Million SP to 300K SP
@fundition : 1 Million SP to 100 SP
@tasteem : 1 Million SP to 50 SP
@steempress-io : 1 Million SP to 10K SP
@esteemapp : 500K SP to 20K SP
@busy.pay: 500K SP to 100 SP
@mack-bot: 263K SP to 100 SP
@blockbrothers: 77K SP to 100 SP
@steemitboard: 30K SP to 50 SP
@poloniex : 10K SP to 100 SP
@bittrex : 10K SP to 100 SP
@binance-hot: 204 SP to 100 SP
@deepcrypto8: 2K SP to 100 SP

@justyyy : 500K SP for (?)

It's like someone just figured out that delegations exist. Note that the exchange delegations give them resource credits to process huge amounts of outgoing transactions. Guess what will happen when (if) they fully power down ?

New Puppets

We have a brand new witness @triple.aaa that shot straight to position 10 with only 27 votes. Those votes include the legitimate Korean votes, but also the @steemit ninjamine, and @poloniex customer funds. The founder just happens to be the unbiased non-witness mediator @jayplayco from the meeting only 4 days ago.

Such a small world, what are the chances..

The other new puppet is @maiyude , who seems to have been chosen simply for being the first to respond positively to @justinsuntron's now "deleted" witness voting post

New Roy

When the @mrdelegation shuffle happened, we again pinged #newroy and eli on slack. They may just be pawns with no authority, but poking them helps relieve my tension. I'm sharing the logs because all rules seem to be off at this point.

I have never, and will never enter into any contract or NDA with Steemit Inc : image.png

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