FUNDRAISING! Support Ukraine in South Korea

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All funds from that post will go to aid the Ukrainians

I am not going to discuss who is right or who is wrong. I am not going to go through the reasons why that war has started, at least because I wasn't there and I don't know the true story.

But in that post, I want to share with you a real story about how S.Korea reacted to that situation.

On February 28th people gathered in front of the Russian Embassy in Seoul. They were holding Ukraine flags and posters saying Stop the War in Ukraine! Give a peace a Chance in their hands.


There were Ukrainians, Russians, Koreans, Americans, Europeans, people from different countries, but with the same mind. Everyone was against the war!

Koreans are always creative, even when it comes to protests. So, they prepared a performance against the war in Ukraine.


South Korea will send emergency aid of $10 million to Ukraine.


I really hope that there will be peace in Ukraine soon!🙏

Source: People Power, Korea JoongAng Daily

Thank you!

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