Stardom play - Found out!

If you're active in NFTMart, you must be noticed that there is one new category and it's Stardom Play.

Because of my curiosity, I checked on it and found the game and also discord. You can find the game at Of course, it's hive-based and you can log in with your Hive Keychain 👍.

First Impression of the game: Rising star but another theme. While Rising Star is focusing on Musician while Stardom Play will be focusing on "TikTok stars and also YouTuber vloggers etc"

I don't really matter about its similarity. I'm excited there's a new game in the hive community. From discord, You can see that the project start back there in 2022 and was listed in NFTMart 2 days ago. 🎉🎉🎉

The admin of the discord is @atifaman and Stardom Play is his project. From what I've seen many people think it's RS 2 because of the similarity, I already missed out on the pre-sale, airdrop, and spread-the-word campaign. For some of you who already know Rising Star, Stardom play is easy to understand for now.

Of course, their team has plans for the future of Stardom Play. We'll be looking forward to that.

Some sneak peeks that I got from scrolling:

Information that I missed of 🤣

Btw, I was testing my luck on the first 12 packs of Stardom Play cards and got 9 Common Equipment, 7 Rare Equipment, 9 Common People, 5 Rare People, and 5 Common Transport. No Epic and No Legendary. Sad🤣

This game is still in early condition. Play or not play, Buy or not buy, Join or not join are up to you. Have a nice day~
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