Massacre it's own ~ Fallen Nigeria


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Our blood cries from the grave
Our souls locked up in the cave
This wasn't the peace we sort for
Our lives meant nothing to them

In a twinkle of an eye, they pulled the trigger.
Following orders, so they said.
Obeying the last command, their stupid code

Deriving pleasure in massacring their own.
Peace and Justice, our undying anthem.

In tears and agony, we pledged to serve our father's land.
With heaviness of heart, we curse our land.

A better Nigeria? We've been deceived all along.
Force into believing and hoping for a change.

Sure! The long-awaited change we have gotten.
The leaders of tomorrow already our past heroes.

Sealed lips and ashamed of where we come from.
There was never a better Nigeria, now we believe.


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