[Bug] Wow: Splinterlands App and my victories

I am very much happy today .i started playing SM from early morning .i am using splinterlands mobile app this time but i saw two three bug also one thing i noted that when we select cards and we wana remove a card from line up that is not working after double click i checked every method it is not working. My point is should be cross sign over card if any one wana replace a card.

But i am rearranging all cards from remover area.

2nd BUG is that i achieved next level but in game area my achieving level not appear instant it is taking at least half an hour.
Update not appearing instantly.
So one big bug i am feeling is first that mentioned that if i select card wrongly and i want to remove the card from line up. I have no choice to select that card but i have to re-select all my lineup.so in this way timer did not wait.so i think it is facing every one or plz guide me in comments.

But i am happy it is one of the best app.easy to use asnd nice feature.

I got first time high rank in this season i have this over 1900 point so great.

Below are my battles screenshots that made me awesome

My highest rank in filed of battles



It is direct link of my above battle that i won



It is direct link of above battle



It is direct link to this game

Below is screenshot of my highest achivenent battle victory

It is direct link to this battle

3 columns
2 columns
1 column