Gold Card Reward: Good or Bad?


Oh wow! After so many defeated battles with all the new rules setting in, I finally finished my quest and lo and behold, I got a gold card edition!

According to @khimgoh , gold card edition means the card I have actually starts from level 3; which sounds like a really cool thing because I see that status should have been very useful..

But wait a minute, Khim also mentioned in order to use that, the summoner has to be on par with the card itself

And this is not a neutral card.


And the summoner that can be used is not cheap; because as a starter pack, it says I have the cards, but I don't own them. Which means I cannot upgrade whatever I have at the moment.

(I sometimes wonder how long will these starter pack cards last with me? @aggroed ?)

So does that mean it is kind of useless to have the card?


According to the statistics, if summoners are at level 2 at least it could be a little faster; unless that I have a monster card that aids such a thing.

It could be very useful when I have to fulfill a quest that is actually favour to its super low speed at a restricted battle


And looking at its price, it looks pretty good in value. Maybe if I am not yet used for quests, I could perhaps rent it out for a while? It's gold edition anyways; and maybe someone else could find this useful for a short while until I gather enough funds for upgrades.


At this point of time, though the rise of BTC is allowing STEEM to gain favour, but still it is not availing me to have enough juice to purchase and upgrade fire splinters; not to mention I am still rejected from a guilds I applied.

Maybe I will let this card sit tight for a while or maybe lease it in peakmonsters later.

(that I think seems to have that fascility)

The drawback of this card I can see right off is that its mana is quite high; only large total mana range battles will be of advantage.