Reaching the Champion I league

Hi everyone!

One more day before the end of the season, I made it up to the Champion I:


I'm very proud of this result, as it comes as a recognition of the work done in more than two years.

I joined the game in June 2018, and since then I invested about $3200 in booster packs, and not missed anything more than a few days of the daily quests...


I know, three grands is a lot, but this was not a necessity to reach my current level. I invested because I believe in the future of this amazing game, and with the hope of a great return.

And taking about returns, I got a Untamed Pack out of the rewards from finishing the quest in the Champion I league.

I opened it immediately, and what I got was a legendary Chanseus the Great, valued at $5.69.

Wonderful, isn't it?


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