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Another week, another giveaway... and some ramblings.

I didn't get a chance to hear last townhall, just read the recap. It seems amidst the turmoil of these past weeks, the team is navigating steadily and trying to come up with ways to improve the game. Now, I hear about problems this, problems that, and most of them seem to relate to the same:


We have to do this to stop the farming, we have to do that... and my question is: if bots are the problem... why are they allowed? I'm not being sarcastic, I really want to know what am I missing. Are they a necessary evil? Is there any aspect of the game that actually needs them?

One of the proposed measures, soulbound reward cards, just feels like another shot in the foot. Yes, descentralised, you own your assets... but you can't move them. Or buy and sell them. And that doesn't stop bot farming and later burn, does it?

I know I might sound dissatisfied, but I'm not. The team has proven again and again they listen to the community, and been doing a great job evolving the game so far; it just feels that lately, ideias and measures seem to be firing in all directions, and the focus on the new player experience and longterm play seems to be lost a bit. Hopefully tides will turn for the best soon. Meanwhile... I'll keep gifting cards, I don't want them bound to me in any way. ;)

By the way, if you haven't joined a guild yet and you're a dedicated player, our guild Roaring Twenties is at level 10! If you're thinking about joining in, you can check the info on the guild page, or reach us on discord here to discuss membership!


So, and who won this week's card?

Congratulations @steven-patrick! The Venari Wavesmith is going your way!

For this next giveaway, the card that will be switching hands is...

The Exploding Rats!


No upvote, follow or resteem required. Just comment! Or even better, tag a fellow player! Winner will be randomly chosen at post payout; good luck everyone!


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