Splinterlands - Starting my virtual R.O.I. project

A long time ago, I did a weekly experiment, that lasted around one month, in which all my post gains were directed to getting more cards; the idea was to see how well could I improve my deck. I never considered the investment part as the main goal, because after all, the main reason I play the game is...



I started playing in August 2018, and since then I haven't lost any joy in battling daily.

But we can't forget Splinterlands can also be an investment. So I decided to do another experiment. But this time, what I want to know during these next weeks is...

How much profit could I make by playing daily? As in, looking at Splinterlands from a pure economical standpoint, how much would be worth all the DEC won in battles and all the cards?


What's my objective?

During the following weeks, I will track:

  • All DEC won in battles
  • All DEC won in the daily rewards
  • The value of all the cards obtained in the daily rewards
  • I will not count any value obtained from the sales of any of the cards I currently have in the market

Apart from manually keeping track of the won DEC, I'll use the Peakmonsters interface to know the total value of the cards won in the daily mission, since it's incredible easy to do, just by accessing our explorer:


These were the cards that dropped today in the daily rewards; the astonishing amount of 0.040 dollars!!! (Oh well, some rewards are luckier than others... given they come for free, we really can't complain!)

The idea is to make a weekly post, and show the progress of the would-be profits; I intend to do this for a whole month, adding to the daily rewards and battles the season rewards, to do the final math.

How much have I invested up to this point?

I participated on the two kickstarters, although with a small amount, and invested a little more in packs. The total sum can be rounded to 250$, with a small error margin. So this will be my reference, while calculating the ROI.

How good is my deck?

Since I started playing in the Alpha stage, a good part of my cards are alpha. Most of the time I play on diamond league, although my deck is far from being maxed.

  • All my rare summoners are level 6, alpha edition
  • Only one maxed summoner, Daria
  • A few maxed cards, most of them reward ones

I have the advantage of the DEC bonus of the alphas, and the DEC bonus from my guild (gogo #roaringtwenties!!)

Given the big disparity of the deck value between players, and since luck and the amount of time spent playing will have a big influence on the final results, the end result of this project can't be used as a reliable ROI measurement, even for the players with similar card collections. Nevertheless, I think it will give me a decent idea of how much profitable the game would be, if I were to focus on ROI alone instead of continuing to invest in the game.


If you have any thoughts on this little project, or if you have done something similar... let me know on the comments below! Would love to know what are your experiences on the ROI part of the game!

See you on the battlefield!


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