Ramblings and a giveaway

SPS staking is finally live! One of the long planned actions to make sps token more attractive; now, every little bit of staked sps will give a boost to your earnings. How much? Easy to see on the battles page, just below your rating. And clicking on it will give a few more details; in my case, for example:

So at my current rating (at the time of this screenshot, 2701), my staked sps and the guild bonus combined give me a 13,22 earnings boost. To tell you the truth, I can't see a huge difference between my earnings before and now; but I haven't really checked how exactly does the multiplier influences the rewards, and I still haven't played consistently in Diamond league, where I was more used to play and have a better idea of the sps rewards, around 3 sps per win. So will see how the rest of the season plays out.

A good efect of the sps staking requirements is already noticeable, though:

This is the sps graphic from hive-engine: what a nice price recovery in these last few days! Let's see if it holds and starts gaining decent momentum. I've started trading a small quantity of sps for dec, in praparation for land staking and to get a few more cards from the market; since dec price is stableish for the time being at near 0,008$, sps rising while dec prices maintain just makes even more atractive to swap! I have no idea how the price equilibrium will stay, or if it will be even more favorable to wait more time to swap, but since there are some decent card market opportunities now... might as well try and take them!

By the way, if you haven't joined a guild yet and you're a dedicated player, our guild Roaring Twenties is at level 10! If you're thinking about joining in, you can check the info on the guild page, or reach us on discord here to discuss membership!


So, and who won this week's card?

Congratulations @xrayman! The Temporal Master is going your way!

For this next giveaway, the card that will be switching hands is...

The Weirding Warrior!


No upvote, follow or resteem required. Just comment! Or even better, tag a fellow player! Winner will be randomly chosen at post payout; good luck everyone!


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