FIRE Splinterlands Riftwatchers Giveaway #34 - Day 2 of 6

Hello Splinterfans,

Welcome to a new round of the FIRE Splinterlands Giveaway. Today we have a new round of my Riftwatchers giveaway! Whether you are a long term Splinterlands player or renter, this is a great way to boost your deck.

Choose your Riftwatchers card to win in this giveaway:

Rules for the giveaway:

1. Leave a comment which card you would like
2. Include your Splinterlands IGN only IF different from your Hive name
3. Only 1 entry per person, multiple entries from different accounts are not allowed.

No Upvote or Follow required but all support is appreciated in order to bring bigger prizes in future. I will be giving out PIZZA, LUV, LOL, ALIVE, CTP, PGM, BEER and WINE in the comments until it runs out! I will try to get to you all.

The winners will be chosen at random using a random prize generator and manually verified that the rules are being followed. Please play fair!

The game will last until the next round that is at least 47 hours or until at least 5 valid participants exluding bots.

All entrants will be added to the taglist for the next draw, let me know if you want to be removed at anytime.

The winner of Prize Draw #33 is:

Congratulations @lumpiadobo !

Credits: Title image created from card graphics owned by source.

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