EoS 96 Report: A Pretty Good Result


Another eventful season has come to an end and it is a similar story as last season except for a few things. I battled on without the GF Quix the devious and GF Djinn Oschannus which took some adapting to in my water splinter. In my earth deck, I needed to level up a couple of cards to carry me into gold.


Firstly, I managed to end up with a higher rating in modern and a peak rating of 2401. I did reach Gold II at one point but fell back with the tougher competition. My win/loss ratio dropped to a more even 1.04 compared to 1.20 which shows the tougher competition that I faced.

In wild, I could only reach Silver I as I didn't have enough CP to get me into gold. This I will rectify this season with a couple of levelled-up cards. This will be frustrating to start from bronze in wild again. Here my win/loss ratio also dropped but stayed healthy at 1.63 which shows the weaker competition that I have faced. My rating has remained the same.


My twenty extra gold chests this season really showed an improvement over my haul from last season in a fiat monetary value. I also pulled a few useful gold foils that were a nice addition to my deck. The real icing on the cake though was the GF Obsidian that I pulled from the one CL pack that I had. That practically doubled my rewards in one swoop.

I will keep Obsidian in my deck as it is a summoner that I like to use. Whether it will be helpful for me in my future goals, I'm not sure yet.


The rental side of things is like riding a rollercoaster. Here you can see a graph that I made which shows you my daily rental income progression. On the one hand, it is good to have rental income, on the other if I need to rent a card it can be expensive sometimes! A real double-edged sword.

I think most people try to lock in a long-term rental when prices are cheap and hope that it doesn't get cancelled. When it does, you then need to pay top dollar.

In the guild I have been getting around a 50/50 win/loss ration in the bronze league battles I have been doing. I still have quite a bit to learn about tactics and what deck to use when and where. Although I have had a stronger deck at times, my opponent has been better tactically.

I have opened my third gladius pack and am starting to build up some nice cards. Those SPS rewards will be good to help build my stack.

My plans for this season are to prepare for a lunge into diamond. Level up some cards to make my deck a good gold-performing deck and be able to try and finish with my nose in diamond for the first time.. I want those diamond chests!!


So far this season I am trying to utilise this combo and see if it can help push me faster into gold.

How was your season?

Thanks for reading.


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