We Are Mushroom, We Are Boss - The Legend of the Mighty Mushroom Monsters


This is the story of the Mushroom Monsters, an ancient species that will be unlocked through one of the official Boss Monster perks from the first @Splinterlands Kickstarter campaign. It was purchased by @flauwy and the monsters are designed by @kayrex. Both Steemians will work together on the @mushroom-monster account to bring some of the most amazing content to the Splinterlands. Subscribe now for epic lore, fantastic designs, guiding tutorials and animated videos about the most revolutionary game the world has ever seen.


The Mighty Mushrooms Monsters


The mighty mushrooms have been walking over the earth as one of the earliest races of the @Splinterlands. They are fierce and fabulous fungi, forceful and feared for their foul spore magic. They can be tiny as a spec of dust or gigantic as entire mountains. Most mushrooms are lone walkers of the planes and forests, the swamps and deepest caves. Some of them are more ancient than the Dragons and crystallized to quartz and gems, carrying unknown riches on their shoulders and backs.

They live in harmony with mother earth and avoid the greater conflicts of the splintered fractions around the world. Emperors and Warlords have always tried to tame the mighty forces of nature, to weaponize their incredible magic or harvest their walking treasures. Most adventurers regretted quickly to have taken on the task to bring a mighty mushroom in, paying that mistake with their lifes or disappearing forever in the wilderness.


But some returned successfully to the battlefields of the splinters, turning the tide with smashing multi-armed Mushroom Monsters, that can rip apart even the strongest Stone Golems with their enormous muscles. Or the hunters brought back the mysterious Mushroom Druids, who bend the forces of nature to their advantage, making every single blade of grass attack their opponents.


The most fearless heroes even have returned with the aid of dark Mushroom Conjurers, who have mastered Cave Magic to spawn thousands of mushroom warriors at once, often directly out of the brains of friend and foe alike, to run over the enemy lines. Even Mushroom Portalists have occasionally been spotted on the battlefields, who can reshuffle the positions of fighting monsters however they desire and place elite units behind the front lines of the opposing tanks.


The King of Shrooms

However, it has always been incredibly dangerous to bring any mushroom to the war efforts of the splinters conflicts. All of them have the hidden ability to get triggered by the eternal rage of the entire mushroom ancestry, transforming that specimen into a mountain of a monster, making it no other than the King of Shrooms, a temporary title for the mightiest expression of its kind, driven by berserk rage against everything that moves, impossible to tame and hungry for destruction.


This is a boss of bosses, often growing its own weapons out of the quickly expanding crystals the mushrooms are carrying on their bodies. These behemoths of magical enhanced weapons can be larger than the largest buildings man can build. They are nearly indestructible and infused by the ancient magic of the earth itself. One strike can shatter entire armies at once and only the mightiest blacksmiths in the Splinterlands have been able to craft items of immense power out of them, without killing themselves at the attempt.

But to get their hands on these legendary artifacts, a King of Shroom has to be triggered first, a very difficult task on its own. And even more difficult is the defeat of such a force of nature, although not impossible, as legends tell and mighty mushroom artifacts prove. The stories also tell that each King of Shroom will eventually return to their original form, leaving only their massive crystal weapons behind - and the destruction of anything that has dared to stand in their way.


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