Splinterlands Season End Rewards!

Every 15 days we get some amount of loot chests based on how high we rose in the leagues. I play on three accounts. Let's see what I found in my loot chests!


My most basic set of cards are in this account. I have 2 level 2 summoners and the rest are level 1. I got to Silver III which is as high as I could go, based on my Power rating, so I got 12 Loot chests. 4 had Common cards. Nothing exciting here but nothing expected!


My middle set of cards got to Gold III which is the highest it could go based on its power. I got 2 Epic cards - Axemaster and Torhilo The Frozen!


My best cards are in this account! I play the matches; it's not played by bots despite the name of the account. I got to Diamond II and received 50 loot chests. I got 2 Gold Foil Rares - Centauri Mage (value $8.70) and Captain's Ghost (value $4.95)!

Here is a collage of some of cards I got, including 3 of the 4 good ones mentioned above:


Here is the 4th card I mentioned, Axemaster:


How Were Your Season Rewards?

I hope you found some cards to make you happy. I wish you well in all your battles, even if they are against me! 😃👍

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