Last Season Rewards in 2020

Good day!

Unbelievable, time flies so fast and today is already the last day in 2020! And today I got the last season rewards in 2020. Actually, the last season I got to Diamond 3 league again after a long time. So, I got 40 reward slots. Yahoo!

Also, I got a gold card after a long time! Also, I got 2 Untamed packs and I opened them right away!


And here are 10 cards, that I got! One of them is Legendary card - High Priest Darius! It is the second legendary card, that I got for the Christmas holidays this year! Thanks to @splinterlands for such awesome gifts!


Also, now my maximum available league is Diamond 2 and I plan to reach it in the very first season of 2021!

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Good luck! Have a nice day!


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