Rusty Andriod, a poor mans prismatic energy?

Ok so first of all I had to rewrite this post mid write up as the markets kept going crazy but a bit on that later.

I really like the idea prismatic energy but I find it really mana heavy and your kinda hoping the enemy uses mages otherwise you wasted some attsck. I also wanted to add more gold neutrals to my deck and this little creature is expensive. $18.80 for a level 3 gold



That when I stumbled onto my little friend rusty android. At the time of started writing this i picked up a level 4 gold for $2.3 , however this shot up to $3.3 while wriitng this!



Now why do I like this guy? Well for one his 2 mana cheaper which i like and yes I am dropping 2 speed and 3 health but I am gaining 3 attack which I really love.

One on the reason i like the chunkier attack and it being meele is that it was pretty good primsatic energy killer. Not only does it reflect damage back , its own attack wont get reflected.

Also because its a melee I can also slip it into a low mana fire deck.

It even stakes up in my stormbringer deck, as prismatic energy only lifts to two attack vs. the 3 for android.

What i am really looking forward to and have not yet been able to is stacking rusty and prismatic and waiting for ruler of the sea to try a blast attack :p

Ok thats my rant!

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