Why are you playin Splinterlands? - Cryptomarket bleed

Hello everyone!!! 👻👻👻

In this post I will first share some thoughts about the market bleed, and then I will present a balance of my almost 4 months playing #Splinterlands

All crypto markets bled two days ago. As always, I recommend everyone to follow my analyst of reference Drini on his youtube channel:



  1. If anyone thought that in the world exists 'easy money', #Splinterlands and #CryptoMarket is not the place to be. Everybody has to plan their inversions and take risks
  2. We are at such low levels that long-term investors can assume to increase their investment. One day we will say that we had SPS at 0,12$ !!
  3. One will never know where the bottom is, so be prepared to take more entries!


Assets update


I've spent 1.200 ADA worth 2.000$ over the almost 4 months of inversion. Today I own 350 packs (I don't care how much are sold today in the second market, I plan to keep them at least for all the SPS airdrop - and maybe I am the last player to sell a CL pack). These 350 packs qualify me for all the airdrops. One of them was this beauty:

Although we are living hard times for cryptos, and BTC has gone down from 68k to 34k, I've 'only' lost 10% of my inversion, but I am qualified for the next airdrop. Nothing changes, keep battling!

This post only offers personal thoughts about my next steps. This is not financial advice. Everyone has to take her/his own decisions. And only invest money that you can afford to lose.


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