May the Chaos Legion be with you!

Hello everyone!!! 👻👻👻

I would like to give a huge congrats to all Splinterlands community for the almost 4M packs sold in the first hours. That means that the game has almost moved 16M$ in one day (except the voucher value)


I managed to get 350 of them as I mentioned in my later post as a part of my investing strategy and I will be prepared to get the difference for the next guaranteed airdrops (the best chance is 100%)

Then I'll plan additional inversion to build two powerful modern decks.

I am very happy with the General Sale. As a long-term investor, I do believe in this project.

And you? How many packages did you manage to get? And which are your favorite summoners? Which decks will you build?

Take care!

If you are new to Splinterlands, here is my referral link with an introduction guide

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