SPS Usages That Just Aren't Talked About Enough


There's been a lot of talk about the new token 'Splintershards' or 'SPS' for the hit blockchain game Splinterlands. It's been great to see how many authors and content creators have been discussing SPS and how important it can be! But I've noticed that people heavily talk about the governance and staking portion of the token while not really discussing other things SPS will be used for in game.

A quick glance at the whitepage for Splintershards describes it as the following, "Splintershards (SPS) is a new cryptocurrency governance token which will be integrated into the Splinterlands game in order to provide increasing levels of decision-making ability and control over the product to the player-base, asset owners, and other stakeholders."

What follows is a few pages describing the release schedule, dao, and airdrop. After which it explains some of the uses for sps in governance and in game, which is what we will focus on right now.

Here's a list of things that will reward sps or use sps to function when released~

  1. Land expansion - "It is expected that, once fully developed and released, this will help propel the entire product to a new level in terms of nearly every metric including player growth, retention, and spend, and should also drive significant value to the SPS token which will be tightly integrated into all aspects of the expansion." Nothing too specific here as land is still being developed, but sps will definitely be needed if you want to be a landowner.

  2. Tournament Prizes - "The SPS tokens in the Tournament Prizes inflation pool will be allocated to Splinterlands-sponsored tournaments as prizes". Tournaments will begin to have sps as an entry requirement. "This means that in addition to providing access to offers, promotions, and other bonuses, staking SPS tokens will also allow players to compete for larger tournament prize pools."

  3. Guild Brawls - "Each guild that participates in brawls will earn a portion of the Guild Brawls SPS inflation pool,,, The amount of SPS earned by each guild may also be affected by various items that the guild may purchase from the guild shop." Certain items in guild shop will increase sps earned by the guild in each brawl.

  4. Special Promotions - "Once Splintershards are released, nearly every offer and promotion offered by Splinterlands going forward will either require certain amounts of SPS tokens to be staked in order to participate, or provide significant bonuses to players who have SPS tokens staked." You will need to stake sps to participate in promotions like the Horrors of The Splinterlands promotion that went on a few months ago.

  5. Airdrops - "promotions such as airdrops may provide increased chances of receiving airdropped cards and/or gold foil versions of the card based on the number of SPS tokens the player has staked in their account"

As the end of the whitepage says, "Splinterlands intends to run offers and promotions with staked SPS requirements on a regular basis in order to encourage players to hold and stake SPS tokens as much as possible."

Sps will become an absolutely vital part of the Splinterlands community, and I believe the team will do all they can to preserve it's worth and encourage long term holding, rather than short term gains.

Play the game!: https://splinterlands.com?ref=bragurr

Join the Official Discord!: https://discord.gg/272rkApJt5

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