Life Lessons From Boxing - Muhammad Ali Vs. George Foreman

Some of us enjoy watching boxing matches. It is actually one of my favourite sports - not only because of the entertainment it offers, but the life lessons I draw from it. Boxing fans will agree with me that one of the greatest boxing events in the history of boxing was the match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman.

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Prior to the match, George Foreman was the heavyweight champion of the world and had remained undefeated. To even make the matters worse for Muhammad Ali, George Foreman was bigger, more muscular and of course, he had a better chance of beating Muhammad Ali.

However, in boxing, victory is not only dependent on physical strength - there is a place for intelligence and most importantly, timing and knowing when to throw the punch and how to make it count. Applying this in life case: Sometimes, the challenges that confront you might seem bigger on the outside but you have all it takes within you to put up a fight against it.

Muhammad Ali believed in one thing and that is; he has what it takes to put up a match against Foreman and defeat him. This awakened the spirit of "I can" right within him and he took up the match. Before the match, George foreman massaged his ego as usual by reminding Ali of the number of people he had defeated and that he would be one of them. Ali responded calmly that he was going to stop Foreman's undefeated reign. Muhammad Ali had only one purpose, and that was to win the match and become the boxing heavyweight champion of the world.

The boxing match started as everyone expected with Foreman throwing the first nasty punches at Ali, but Ali kept going with his very unique defensive style of boxing and a combination of speed and subtlety that made him switch between defence and offence mode in split seconds.

At last, Muhammad Ali found a connecting punch straight to the face of Foreman which startled him and that was the opening Ali hoped for. By the eight round of the boxing bout, Foreman was lying on the ground in a knockout from Ali's counter punches, and that was how Ali emerged as the new boxing heavyweight champion of the world.

This scenario is to let you know that, once you are persistence and determined, no matter the nature of the challenge, you can overcome. As a matter of fact, for the challenge to have come to you in the first place should prove to you that you are well able to overcome it - the only thing you need is the spirit of "I can", and you will surely overcome.

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