Lessons From WWE Heavy Weight Title Match - Mysterio Vs Batista

Wrestling is one of my favorite sports, even though some have questioned the reality of the sports and some have said it is acting, but for me, I find it very entertaining and much more, some life lessons can be drawn from it if you look at it holistically.

I recently saw a replay of an old wrestling match between Rey Mysterio and Dave Batista for the title of world heavy weight champion. Looking at the pedigree of Batista, his strength, billed weight, height and muscles, he had a fair chance of beating Rey Mysterio in the match. To further blur off Mysterio's chances of winning the match, Batista was the reigning world heavy weight champion at that time.

However, if you watched the match, you will agree with me that strength does not always define the winner. While Batista went into the match with strength, Mysterio went in with speed; I mean excessive speed, agility, and aero-buoyancy - doing high-flying risks.

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The combination of the qualities of Mysterio only served one purpose during the match, and that was to weary Batista. Obviously, Mysterio had his eyes on the world heavy weight title and he was willing to risk everything within him to get it.

The match started and as everyone expected, Batista was having free day with his punches on Mysterio, but as soon as he wanted to connect his smackdown; "Batista Bomb", Mysterio's agility came into application and he slided in-between Batista's legs and Batista fell on the rope of the ring.

This was the opening Mysterio was waiting for. When Batista fell on the rope, Mysterio seized the opportunity and connected his quick smackdown; "the 619", which put Batista down on the center of the ring. Mysterio climbed on the top of the rope and finished it up with a drop-down dive - that was how Mysterio lifted the belt for the title of the world heavy weight title.

The lesson here is, if your mind is set to achieve anything, no matter how fierce your challenge is, you have what it takes to overcome. You only need to be determined to succeed and you will surely succeed.

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