Investing Time And Passion - Lesson From Usain Bolt

One man I respect a lot in Athletics, particularly in sprints, is Usain Bolt. No doubt, he is one of the most celebrated sportsmen that has ever walked this planet. In his account, he has dozens of gold medals (from Olympics, Commonwealth games, World championships, CAC and the likes), not to talk about silver and bronze medals.

Image from Wikipedia Commons. Author: Erik van Leeuwen. Public Domain

Looking at all these feats, you will agree with me that they were not delivered to him on a plater; he worked really hard for them and invested a lot of time to build his strength, his stamina, and his running skills.

As a matter of fact, while growing up, he was so submerged in sports that he played both football and cricket - which saw him building himself up for his running career.

At the early days of his running career, he was not shot into the row echelon, but he persevered because of the passion that was driving him.

His opportunity came in 2002 when he was selected to compete in the junior cadre of the Central American and Caribbean games. Prior to the tournament, he put in hours of hardwork to prepare for a race of few seconds, but it was worth it. At the end of the games, he bagged in couple of gold medals and that was how his fame rose.

This is to let you know that whatever of value you want to achieve, you must also invest something of value. The value you place on what you want to achieve determines the amount of sacrifice you are willing to make.

Remember this; to be outstanding, you have to do something beyond just the normal. You need to take your game a little bit further - this is how champions emerge - and not from a lying-down position. If the "prize" is your destination, then you must pay the "price".

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