Determination - The Attitude Of Sportsmen

Over the years, I have tilted towards sports (particularly football) as one of my hobbies. The reasons being that; apart from the entertainment I get from sports; there are other life lessons I get from sports that can be applied to other areas of our lives.

The major attitude I have observed overtime from sports is determination. A particular football tournament summarized this attitude. During the last UEFA champions league, in one of the matches, Barcelona FC met Liverpool FC and in the first leg of the match, Liverpool was defeated by 3 goals to 0.

Looking at all odds, Liverpool was already out of the competition because it was almost impossible for Liverpool to Beat Barcelona by 4 goals to 0 to be able to stay in the competition in the second leg.

Image from Pixabay

With all the glaring negativities, Liverpool went to the second leg with determination - knowing that they still have fair chances to level up and beat Barcelona. Against all odds, Liverpool was able to fight through, and at the end, they beat Barcelona by a whopping 4 un-replied goals. Liverpool did not just stay in the competition, but they went on to the finals and ultimately won the UEFA champions league after many years.

This teaches us many things: Like, how do you respond to what people consider as "failure"? Most times, failure does not indicate that your are out of the game of life - it only suggests that you should try again, and this time, try better and with determination to succeed.

Determined people never see anything short of success. Even when they are greeted with failure, they ride on it as a stepping stone to stage a mind-blowing comeback.

The truth is, you may not be able; in your own capacity; to stop the wind from blowing, but you have all it takes to direct your sail. This is what determination is all about; it keeps you afloat even in the midst of boisterous wind.

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