Tyson Fury Knocks Out Deontay Wilder


With a stunning 11th round knock out, Tyson Fury knocks out Deontay Wilder to retain the WBC Heavyweight title. Boxing has been having a bit of soul searching in the past couple of months with YouTubers seeming to get all the attention instead of serious fighters.

Also, the heavyweight division, which is what everybody used to watch has taken a real beating with there being not much action compared to the lighter divisions with Manny Pacquiao and Money Mayweather.

But in the last month or so, there've been two big fights, the Anthony Joshua one and now today's big fight between Fury and Wilder which completes their trilogy of fights: 2-1 to Fury.

Fury has been through a lot. Being depressed, overweight, on drugs etc. and he has fought through all of them to regain and retain his title. Very impressive and he is probably my favorite fighter or at least favorite boxing personality at the moment. Seems very grounded about the fame.

Now, we probably have to wait a while before we get another big fight of this scale. As for Wilder, I think he is finished. His head just doesn't seem to be in the game anymore. That's where we have to give credit to someone like Mayweather who was able to stay at the top till the end.

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