England Really Good At Bullying The Small Teams


I don't think anyone seriously expected Andorra to get anything out of the match last night but England tend to disappoint in even the easiest of matches so it was with a sigh of relief when Ben Chilwell opened the scoring on 17 minutes.

For all their attacking, it was only mid-way during the second half that England put this beyond doubt with their third goal. This new England team under Southgate is probably the best in 20 years.

But are they good enough against the big teams? I think France, Belgium and Italy are a step above them in Europe. Then there's Brazil. But if they get lucky, they might be able to avoid them till the later rounds of the World Cup and then it will be whichever team turns up on the day.

For all of England's turning to foreign managers, perhaps it was better to find one with the passion for the national team like Gareth Southgate to make the difference.

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