Emma Raducanu Out Of Indian Wells


I must admit, I am not Emma Raducanu's biggest fan. She's going to be a star but I just feel the media has hyped her up so much and the fact that she's really not an underdog, I find it hard to support her. Not that she needs it.

To win the US Open at 18 is an incredible achievement. Just goes to show how hard work paired with a good support network can help you achieve things you never dreamed off.

So after the highs, she parted ways with her coach that got her thus far, looking for someone more experienced... and she lost in the 2nd round of Indian Wells.

I think she's going to be a big player but it wouldn't have hurt to have shown some loyalty to the coach that led her to win the US Open. Well, just like the Bollywood drugs fiasco that's going on, i'm sure there will be a lot of stars out there with words of encouragement so that they remain relevant.

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