The Gunners need to improve more on there games


According to the Arsenal's manager Arteta admits that players and the team have to improve on there games so that they will get a better results at the end of game because it's seems that the players are now loosing there confidence on the field of playing.

The gunners boss hopes to make a quick impact on the team so that they will get a better results and he adds that the gunners often put themselves in a difficulties situation by giving away chances to opponents during the game, so for them to make a game changer they need more consistence.


In there last game arsenal were gradually losing their control over the course of the match allowing Burnley to and impose their game on the team and the boss was asked at the post-match press conference on what he needs to do to get a 90-minute performance from the team and he said I will not take long and we make a positive changes.

Finally, the team has to improve more on there games and they should be consistent but would not compare what happened against burnley with what happened in our previous games, because for the previous game the team played well and, but what they need to do is to be consistence and have a fighting spirit to impose there games on the opponents.

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