Point shared against Sheffield United in the English premier league


Yesterday after the new manager Mikel Arteta still lack consistency in delivering results because with the way they play the game but performance wise the gunners look much better than they were several weeks ago. If the team keeps improving under the manager will surely win over the supporters' trust and he want every arsenal fans to give them a full support to make them perform to there expectations.

With the fact that arsenal get a draw yesterday the fans was really inspired the players on the field and Arteta really greatful to the fans for inspiring the team and the spaniard hopes to reward them with some good results and make them to proud of the team once again, so they want all the fans to give them a full support.


According to him after the yesterday game against leed he said the fans were terrific, they were right behind the team and they appreciated every action as we were pushing them and am so thankful to them because compared to how it was a month ago we think it is completely different from the past administration.

Finally, arsenal team needs to keep trying so that they can be able convincing the fans and encouraging them to keep doing it with there best capacity, and hopefully they can deserve and enjoy more good results at the end of everything but we are hope the gunners can turn table around when they face Chelsea on tuesday night at the Stanford bridge.

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