Fitness: 14th September 2021 + A Did You Know Fitness Question

Good Morning

Things were pretty odd the last few days. I was fine but feeling a bit down until I did get a bit sick. It was a sore throat and a little body ache. I was wondering if it was COVID. Thankfully, it wasn’t.

I am feeling much better now, and I am glad that I am back to normal health-wise. That also meant that I had to get on with my fitness regime. The good part was that even in the middle of sickness and I did continue with my meditation. Maybe, that helped in faster healing.


Today morning was quite wet, and I did not want to get wet and then invite my sickness again. 😊. So, I preferred exercises at home without pushing too much.

I started with weights only for a bit of strength training, so I limited it to biceps. I then followed up with few ho’oponopono sessions. Lastly, I got on with meditation. I was quite happy that I could do all three – body, mind, and soul – fitness regimes in one go. I will go for meditation once again before I sleep. That would be the icing on the cake. 😊

Anyway, that’s it from me for now. I will see you all tomorrow.




Did You Know?

Let’s talk about abdominal planks once again. We have seen the record for most time in the plank position (male and female), most time with 100 lb weight (female), most time with 40 lb weight (female), but did you know that another record exists?

Yes, there is a record for abdominal plank position held for the most time with 60 lb weight. The record belongs to Eva Bulzomi of the United States, who held the plank position with 60 lb weight for 17 minutes and 26 seconds. The record was made in 2013 and still stands.

That’s one strong lady!! 😊



Image Courtesy: Geralt @Pixabay


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