Firmino And Neymar | What If?

It's been an awesome opening for the Liverpool F.C. squad at the Premier League by winning 4 matches and keeping those points to be at the top of the league. It's not that easy to win but they are keep on moving towards the goal of the club by winning the first ever Premier League title.

And then, I thought of seeing in my imagination, Neymar playing with Firmino at Anfield but, I think it's not gonna happen and it's only a dream seeing them play together.



But, there's no impossible in this world by not seeing them play together at Liverpool. These two awesome Brazilians had their Copa America Trophy this year and it's also Firmino's second international title including the UEFA Champions League winning against Hotspur in a 2-0 score.



And if this impossible thing happens in the future, all of the Liverpool fans, including me, would be the most happy fans that Liverpool would have had forever! :D

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