Sportstalk Tokens Free Challenge (My Entry)

This post is my entry to challenge of staking Sportstalk second layer token. Objective is to stake Sportstalk token and provide a post with proof of the staking to earn more Sportstalk tokens. Here is post:

It was sort of a surprise to me to see I had some Sports token in my hive-engine wallet but I went and staked them all.


Just like that I know have over 800 Sportstalk token staked:


On the front of sports and being a NFL fan I like to compare the current win/loss between what is supposedly the greatest winning quarterback in Tom Brady versus one of the greatest NFL coaches of all time in Bill Belichick.


The Patriots without Tom Brady but has Cam Newton is at a 500 record after 12 games, which is not ideal if they plan to want to be in the playoffs. Yet Bills and Dolphins are also winning so it will take a miracle for Bill Belichick to be able to get the Patriots back to Post-season. It is not impossible but not in Patriot's control as how this all plays out in the remainder of the season.

The Patriots prior to yesterday's win over the Chargers were 1 and 4 on the road. Repeat 1 win and 4 losses prior to yesterday's game. Not so Belichick like, or is it? How this year ends would not likely be the talk as to blaming not having Brady on the team was the difference the team does not make it to the playoffs. On the flip side if the Patriots indeed make it to the playoffs, Belichick will likely have proven even without the most Super Bowl winning quarterback does not mean the Patriots can not thrive.


At the beginning of the year Tampa Bay struggled but as weeks past Tom Brady settled into a grove and the Buccaneers had appear to look like playoffs contenders if not Super Bowl contenders. Yet the past two weeks from Kansas City and Los Angeles - Rams is showing that Tampa Bay still has some work to do in order to compete on the big stage. Will Tom Brady have enough time to bring his new team to the playoffs. With New Orleans already clinching a playoff spot Brady is running out of time. However he is also likely the greatest comeback quarterback ever to play the game, so not going to count him out just yet.

Thanks for reading!!!

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