7/31/22 - Harry Potter's Birthday

Pretty tired, I've managed to scrape some very out of date food together, with some noodles and I'm not starving, which is good. I have all of my rent money too which is good.

I'm gonna have to walk to work a lot this week. Not so good. Hell, it might just inspire me to always walk to work. Who knows. I walk so much already.

It's been an interesting couple of weeks. Month, years.

It's Harry Potter's birthday, which is a fun thought for me.

Haven't read. Just in a blah state. Reading is coming though, that I am certain of.

I miss my son. I will see him soon though. Can't wait to get paid on Friday. Every cent of it is gonna be gone SUPER quick. At least I'm getting hours at work. Hive pays me steadily enough.

I'm so sleepy. I have shelter, I do a lot of whining, but paying rent was so important and it's on time. I'm proud of myself.

Just tired. Gonna be a long week. Hive on folks.

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