Special night of Napoli in defeating AS Roma and becoming a great tribute for Maradona

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Last night had been in mourning one for Napoli when they faced AS Roma in San Paolo. Lorenzo Insignia and his teammates won 4-0.

Before the match got underway, the players and the crowd observe a minute’s silence. The match overshadowed this week by the death of Diego Armando Maradona. The players of both clubs on a night gave the tributes to an outstanding player. They dedicated their playing tonight for a man that awarded Napoli two champions of UEFA and Italian Cup. It was the emotional moment for SSC Napoli because of Maradona. He is really the greatest footballer all times!

In the video of Official Youtube of Serie A you can watched how the players of Napoli played with their highest motivation. It was a part f dedication to Maradona. They respected the former player of their club as their older brother I though. Roma looked that they cannot play well last night. Roma cannot work better last night. They had two chances to score the goals at the first half from Pedro and Dzeko.


AS Roma kicked-off the match after the referee started the match. They tried to control the ball at the first minutes of the match. Mkhitaryan and Pedro tried to work together to scored a goal. The national player of Armenia continued with his run with the ball but the players of Napoli a little bit sloppy try to block the ball of Pedro shot. It has been ten minutes of the first half of the game and no scored happened.

Both of team always wants to score the goal but they were not able to do it. It had been 29 minutes of the match and it seemed there was no goal at all on the first half. But, Roger Ibanez penalized for pushing Dries Marten. After a tactical foul, Ibanez saw no other way than stopping the counter and he received the yellow card from the referee. Lorenzo Insignia was with the ball for a free kick. And, he scored the first goal for SSC Napoli. Lorenzo Insignia found a direct route to goal with a glorious goal through that free kick. The goal scored by him after the game run half an hour. The goal had been the best tribute of Napoli to Diego Armando Maradona.


Insignia was able to score a goal like Maradona from the free kick because all football lovers know that Maradona was a player with best free kick skill.

What a clever free kick of Insignia. He did it because the position of the goalkeeper and the positioning of the two-man wall just go over the top Mirante's got to get his position nearer the middle other goal. He's too far to the far post and he can't get back across. Then, there was Zielinski continue makes his darting run and has to check back. And Mertens was through he's on side super save.

Brian Cristante from AS Roma sent an effort wide on target after getting the ball from his teammate, Rick Karsdorp. SSC Napoli built the attack through Piotr Zielinski and he worked very well last night with Insignia. Both of players Insignia became the key player of Napoli last night. They were able to work well with other players to help Napoli to control the ball during first half of the match.

At the second-half, Napoli was able to score their second goal from Fabian Ruiz at 64’ after Insignia passed the ball to him. Roma controlled the ball during more than five minutes after the goal but Pedro, Dzeko, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Juan Jesus cannot help the team scored a goal.

napoli tribute to maradona.png

Dries Martens scored the third goal of Napoli at 81”. The goal happened because of the shooting of Eijis Elmas cannot anticipated well by Antonio Mirante. At 86’, Matteo Politano became a player to help Napoli to complete their party for Diego Maradona because of his goal.

Politano still rounding the keeper and rounding off the victory in style well it's been a thoroughly emphatic win for Napoli on their special night tonight and Politano went around the goalkeeper on this poignant evening in the final analysis it simply meant more for Napoli.

The team and players dedicated the result of the match for Diego Armando Maradona.

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