Sports Tokens : Stake as Much as You Can


It's sort of a bizarre when you write down a post completely while being in incognito window and the electricity shuts down before you publish your post.

But anyway I was writing about Sports tokens. I know that sports token is now pricing very little compared to the prices of Hive but I don't think that it should be a matter of concern for us. is sort of a new tribe on Hive blockchain and it needs time. I myself have started posting to in order to collect as much Sports tokens as I can.

Don't fall for the prices right now. The only thing you should be care about is collecting as much Sports as you can.

Imagine having a bunch of sports tokens in your wallet staking, and you see a rise in the price. That would be a happy situation for you.

I am not asking you to buy some sports tokens, but you can earn it while writing about sports on

I am staking it, and I suggest you guys as well to stake it instead of selling a bunch of it for a small amount of Hive.

What you say?

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