UFC 276 is gonna be nuts!!

I really wanted to get this post out earlier, but I am pumped to write a bit about this MEGA epic UFC event that takes place in just a few hours in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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It's becoming a pretty awesome tradition that every summer for practically the past decade (for me as a fan anyway) the UFC puts on absolute BANGER events. Particularly in July. This year, in 2022, the UFC once again pulled together a truly BEAUTIFUL looking card.

This card is pretty much a lock to be exciting and historical. There are simply too many great matchups back to back to back. I am giddy! I think I am extra excited because I can actually WATCH the event since I actually have off on this glorious day.

I really don't know where to begin to do this card justice. All the fights, from the prelims, to the main card just look amazing.

I'll just write some random thoughts on most of, if not all these fights.

Jessica Rose-Clark vs Julija Stoliarenko - Women's Bantamweight Bout

I don't know much about Stoliarenko if I'm being honest. I know just a smidge about Rose-Clark since she's been around a bit and has been mildly pushed by the UFC. Rose-Clark is a beautiful woman, looks like Harley Quinn or something. More importantly as a fighter she's decently well-rounded, and has a pretty good grit and toughness about her. A better athlete than I believe some may give her credit for. She needs to win though I believe.

But overall, I am not an expert on this matchup. Should be fun though!

#10 Jessica Eye vs #13 Maycee Barber - Women's Flyweight Bout

This is a pretty solid matchup after I think about it a little. Jessica Eye has had some decent highs in her career. At one point I considered her a solid darkhorse to become a champ one day. I'm unsure now if she can attain that goal, but she's a solid game pro still who can be a handful for most.

Maycee Barber was a pretty big hype train for a moment in time. She still sorta is since she's very young and focused. She lost two in a row but has shown persistence and has won two straight since that short losing streak. Barber is an exciting fighter too, very good with her hands.

Overall this is a decent matchup between a solid vet and a promising prospect.

#9 Uriah Hall vs #13 Andre Muniz - Middleweight Bout

A very interesting fight here. Uriah Hall is an older vet who is overall a pretty respected near-legend if not full fledged legend of MMA.

This happened about a decade ago. MMA fans everywhere were impressed!

I feel like Hall should have been washed up a few years ago, but somehow the dude lingers around and is still ranked in the top ten.

I don't know TOO much about Muniz except his submission ability is pretty scary. He seems young and hungry. Muniz has not been in the UFC too long, Hall will be his biggest test overall as well as his biggest name.

This will be a great test for both fighters at pretty different stages of their careers.

Jim Miller vs Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone - Welterweight Bout

Two absolute legends of MMA who have been fighting for a thousand years. They've fought everyone and have beaten a lot of fighters. True MMA fans everywhere are going to be in awe of this great moment between highly respected fighters. It's a shame someone has to lose tonight.

The winner of this fight will have the most wins in UFC history!! Not a title fight, but a historic record on the line nevertheless!!

This fight is also a re-match from 2014 where Cerrone was victorious. Gotta love it!

Ian Garry vs Gabriel Green - Welterweight Bout

Ian Garry is the latest hype train coming out of Ireland and at the moment I'm very much 50/50 in regard to his MMA 'greatness' potential. He is entertaining to watch though, and is pretty fun on the mic sometimes. He is basically attempting to be Conor McGregor.

Gabriel Green is also a young and upcoming fighter and he seems eager to de-rail the Garry hype train and hand him his first loss ever.

#14 Brad Riddell vs Jalin Turner - Lightweight Bout

This is a really intriguing lightweight matchup between two pretty different fighters.

There is a massive seven inch difference in height between these two. It is going to be a fascinating watch! I am a pretty big fan of Riddell and I hope he bounces back after his last loss. Riddell is a pretty technical and physically strong fighter.

Jalin on the other hand is BIG and athletic with his own mild hype train about him. I thought he was kinda overrated but has began to prove me wrong by winning four in a row.

Both fighters really need this win in the ridiculously deep lightweight division.


#9 Pedro Munhoz vs #13 'Suga' Sean O'Malley - Men's Bantamweight Bout

Sean O'Malley is basically a superstar before he even became a truly top-tier fighter. He is a pretty outspoken guy, a frequent social media user and video game streamer, always has some wacky style. He just knows how to make money.

O'Malley has won some good fights in exciting fashion, but all fight fans know that this is probably Sean's toughest test to date.

Pedro Munhoz is a bit like the Jorge Masvidal or like Cub Swanson of the UFC's Men' Bantamweight division. Absolutely game and well rounded. Good knockout power. This man will have a career in MMA forever it feels like.

This could be a war. It will be thrilling no matter what. Great way to start the main card.

Robbie Lawler vs Bryan Barberena - Welterweight Bout

To be honest I want Lawler to win this one. I just think his legacy needs as many wins as possible. A win over Barberena would probably age decently well since Barberena is young and improving and seems active.

Both of these fighters are known to just throw down and swing for the fences. This might be a legit classic. These two men seem built pretty similarly and are practically the exact same height. This is tremendous matchmaking!

It's always a treat to see a future Hall of Famer in Lawler fight. Who know how many more times we will get to see him perform.

#4 Sean Strickland vs Alex Pereira - Middleweight Bout

This fight was big, and thanks to the recent press conference 'performance' Sean Strickland put on, this fight just got a lot bigger. Over the past year or so as Sean has been winning more, he has been talking a lot. About anything and everything. He seems like a Chad mixed with country mixed with American patriotism and he's just funny. I am a fan. If he became a UFC Champ, he'd instantly be a meme god LOL. He even roasted the hell out of the Champ, which was pretty amazing.

The amount of intrigue and background, and just overall importance that this fight has is immense. Strickland's opponent in Pereira is both mysterious and not-mysterious if that makes any sense. His MMA experience is a bit limited, but he actually owns TWO wins against current champ Israel Adesanya in a different but similar combat sport, kickboxing.

This matchup could be a championship fight clinching bout. The timing is great too, since Izzy is fighting tonight! Whoever wins, will have made a real statement.

MEN'S UFC FEATHERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP - Champ Alexander Volkanovski vs #1 Max Holloway

This fight is the THIRD matchup between these two stud fighters. To the surprise of many, Alex won BOTH fights. To many people, Max one at least one of the fights and is the better fighter. But I am not so sure.

This fight is simply huge. Alex seems cool calm and collected, while Max seems pretty fired up.

I am sooooooo ready!! Historic stuff.

MEN'S UFC MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP - Champ Israel Adesanya vs #2 Jared Cannonier

Israel is really a shoo-in for the UFC Hall of Fame and the dude just got here like five years ago. So impressive. What a talent. Nobody is like a perfect person but I am impressed at his relatively solid level of humbleness (other than maybe with Paulo Costa LOL) he has displayed as champion. The way he dominates and finishes people, one might understand if he just started to talk a bunch of crap, but he seems pretty respectful and even complimentary of other fighters.

His opponent Jared Cannonier has had a really unique rise to greatness. He's been in several weight divisions. He is a scary powerful man whose slowly but surely rounded out his skills. This guy has never been a walk in the park.

I feel like this might be light work for Izzy. Jared needs to literally fight his ass off, and be the best fighter he's ever been tonight to shock the world. It's possible, but he cannot be scared.

These two are a lot more intense than I thought they would be.


Fights start momentarily!!!! Let's gooooo!!!!!!

I wish I could bet, but then again, I probably shouldn't.


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