Weekend football highlights

The weekend was filled with slot of sports captivating stories and moments.
I would love to highlight some of the stories making rounds in sports over the weekend.

Firstly let's begin with Arsenals'win over the weekend which has helped them sit comfortably in the 4th position. Seeing Arteta's Arsenal starting from the bottom of the table this season has surprised everyone as they now seat comfortably at fourth position.
They beat Aston Villa by a lone goal to occupy the fourth position.

Real Madrid vs Bacerlona


In the El classical Aubumayang has scored a hatrick to secure a win against rivals Madrid. Aubumayang who left earlier this season from Arsenal after a goal drought has seen more goals recently.
We never saw this coming but Bacerlona attack seems to be on fire even if Messi is no longer in the club.

Liverpool and Chelsea area won over the weekend to move ahead in the FA Cup. They both have secured a place in the next round. While Tottenham Hotspur sent a shocker to Westham this weekend with their win in the premier league that has secured the 5th place for them.

We are looking forward to the international break this weekend with World Cup qualifier to be played across continents.

This area a few happenings around the world of football this weekend. See you next weekend.

Please drop a comment below on your thoughts on the football this weekend and which teams you think will make the top four in the premiership.

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