Happy Steemit birthday! One year on Steemit!!! my story. Inspirational accounts (part 3 of 7)

Time to celebrate my first year on Steemit! Here is my story…

Hi everybody welcome to my first birthday on Steemit! I thought about on how to celebrate for a long time and decided to create seven posts, one post every day in the week I was born here on Steemit.
First of all I want to say thanks to all my followers because in the end that’s what it’s all about! I interacted with so many great people and I was able to read so many nice blogs created by great people on the platform! So please everybody keep sharing!

As mentioned I will have seven posts waiting for you this week, here is what you can expect from me this week;

• Reintroduction
• Series overview
• Inspirational accounts
• My pictures shared
• My pictures shared #2
• My second year on Steemit
• Basketball

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Inspirational accounts
Inspirational accounts is just my way of categorizing my Steemit friends and the accounts I am really impressed by.
To me the platform is all about interacting and by now I have many people I really like their content off and they are the reason this platform will be successful. I therefore don’t want you to miss some of the accounts! So make sure to have a look. Basically this will be the accounts that I would invite on my birthday party!

@alexcote @annatramper @best-trip-eva @brandonp @chefsteve @cookwithus @czechglobalhosts @dkid14 @extremeromance @exyle @flamingirl @for91days @heiditravels @holm @iamailleen @intrepidsurfer @itchyfeetdonica @jedau @jgullinese @joythewanderer @jpphotography @Juliank @karenstudios @liflorence @loveself @martinphoto @michellectv @modernpastor @monica90 @o07 @offoodandart @penguinpablo @phortun @princessmewmew @qurator @r00sj3 @rea @roelandp @rosatravels @scottybuckets @sjennon @skyleap @slowwalker @soldier @somethingrandom @sportfern22 @suerisue @surfermarly @susanne @thepicksuitcase @theywillkillyou @timsaid @toocurious @travelfeed @travelgirl @wheresmyfitzy @world-travel-pro @world5list @yankee-statman

Many accounts are travel related but some other accounts are just inspirational to me, so make sure to look into all the accounts stated above. I would also like to name some accounts that I were so helpful to me from basically the day I was born here on Steemit.

@theywillkillyou and @world5list
Both really good friends of mine and the once that mentioned Steemit to me just over a year ago. I pretty sure that otherwise I would have never heard off Steemit even till this day. They told me it was great to share my travel stories and interact with other likeminded people. They both have successful Youtube channels and therefore they don’t post as much as I would like but they still help me on a daily basic if necessary.
Thanks guys for all the support and great friendship!

What can you say about @world-travel-pro the guy has more than 12 years of experience in travelling on a budget! 12 years! That’s just crazy, that’s why I love all his tips and tricks.

travel tips, travel reports and many more informative travel articles this guy has you covered.
So everybody who wants to travel on a budget, world –travel-pro is the one to follow.
He is also very smart with investments and that’s the reason he can travel as much, apart from trying to convince everybody to not waste money and focus on traveling, just like my spirit!

They host great cooking competitions and there slogan is ‘ Cook with us and let’s learn from one another while having fun”. I really enjoy all the dishes I was able to see due to their competition. I am a terrible cook myself but just really like the creativity off others. I also believe it’s a great way to interact and connect and that is what I like best about Steemit! They just finished the first season of the cooking competition but for all of you who like cooking make sure to be part of it in season two.
Keep up the great work guys!

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Even though I never met him in person I am really impressed by the way he lives his life and what he is doing on Steemit. Many people are very selfish nowadays but not him, he is planting trees for a better world and even gives out STD to people who do the same. I hope to travel one day again and discover more of South America and for sure stop by! Just look at his account everybody to see what he is doing.

This guy is very talented, I just love his photography and I am very impressed by the time he is putting into the platform. We need more people like him to really grow the platform and enjoy quality posts.
He is also one of the creators of @travelfeed an account that helps to create more exposure for travelposts.

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Joy joined Steemit almost 2,5 years ago, so she should be in the Dream Team for sure. I personally found here account just after I started on Steemit, and she never disappoints. She visited Steemfest2 and always goes to really unique travel destinations!
From South America to Europe and almost every other corner of the world She got you covered! So for everybody who does not know here yet, start following!

My goal is to be a digital nomad one day, in order to travel the world and work wherever I want, the problem; I am shit with computers! Therefore I really enjoy following accounts that life this lifestyle.
Petr is sharing great posts and is really worth a follow.

He posts about sports (mostly Baseball) and gives you his insight on the financial markets. To me his post are very helpful and he is always willing to give you some advice. He is just a great addition to the people I follow and makes sure my feed holds other posts then only the travel related once I normally see.

Special thanks!
There are a few account I really want to thanks, big accounts that sometimes upvoted my posts and really make me happy. I reached out to some off these accounts but never heard back. So please allow me to thank you right here and now! It really helps me when I see bigger accounts upvote, makes my dream about my future here on the platform.


@newhope @alexis555 @mangos @redes @steem-tube @alexpmorris

There are many more people I need name but I hope you get the gesture, Steemit is such a great place with many great people sharing great content. The only thing I am concerned about is the amount of people the quit when they don’t get the attention they deserve and the amount of account that don’t add anything to the platform.

Next up I will share with you the best pictures I shared with you during my first year here!
Thanks for stopping by everybody.

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