Dancing routine and my damage shoulder story continuation

Hi, guys!

Yesterday I told you why I was away for so long last week. I tried to start painting again, and for a while I even succeeded without much damage to my aching shoulder.

I really, really want to return to sports again. The doctor said that I will be recovering for two weeks, but I really want to get back to training as soon as possible. It is difficult to imagine a more motivated patient than I am now. Probably never in my life had she followed the doctor's instructions with such meticulousness, every letter, every comma.

Five days have passed since the injury, and I have such a feeling that I have not done anything for at least a month. I am terribly uncomfortable without training, and without music too. My flute teacher sent me a book on musical literacy, and yesterday I was very carried away, and managed to master the fifth part. In a week it would be necessary to read it in full, in the end this is a big gap in my knowledge.

So far, I don't have fresh drawings or fresh videos from the gym, but there are a few that I haven't shown yet. For example, this is from twerk.

I do twerk only because it is in my gym, where I do acrobatics. Otherwise I wouldn't go. But since training goes one after another - why not. Exactly on the same principle, I stay after twerking for stretching.

Today I hope to master another half of the book on musical literacy, and maybe even physically work a little at least with the lower body, do exercises on my legs.

But first a walk. This is what is really killing me now. In order to prevent the back from flying, you still need to move, and I can not stand just walking from corner to corner, especially if I can’t take the dog with me, but for now I can’t.

But you still need to stay active, so take a walk first. And then I will try to finish one of the portraits, he is already at the finish line.

See you in the next post!
Love, Inber

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