Picking up some SPOREs tonight on TraderJoexyz.com! 🪄🍄🍄🍄🚀

I'm digging many of the new coins popping up these days!

I'm especially interested in the colorful new "hyperdeflationary" coins scattered throughout the Avalanche network. This unique little looking coin is called SPORE, and it looks like it's gonna' print moolah!
Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 7.58.21 PM.png

Spore has a very neat little price tag, 9 trailing Zeroes sounds just about right for this blooming beauty!

Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 8.40.08 PM.png

What is SPORE?

In essence, SPORE's an NFT platform on Avalanche, (However it's also available on the BSC network too.) which develops hyperdeflationary SPORE currency! They have the first massively adopted cross chain bridge from Avalanche to BSC, also a collection of commemorative NFTs, an advanced NFT prediction market, and more projects in full bloom and soon to be announced. SPORE intersects "blockspace" with the physical realm, with goals of transitioning the planet into a fully decentralized space.

Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 8.52.47 PM.pngSource: https://spore.earth

Why SPORE will net you big gains?

SPORE burns tokens, and redistributes tokens to you. Hyperdeflationary currencies are designed to appreciate in your portfolio rapidly, so it's usually first come, first serve on all these tasty spore treats. For instance, on every Avalanche transaction, 4.6% is burned & 1.6% is redistributed to holders. That may not sound like a lot at first thought, however be assured these little burnt Spores will add up, and up, over time to multiply into great green globs of gains for your portfolio over time. Also on every BSC (Binance Smart Chain transaction): 6% is burned! So either way you decide to acquire SPORE, it's helping the entire Fungiculture grow.

How I bought SPORE on Trader Joexyz!

I like to take the path least travelled when acquiring my crypto, so instead of buying on bsc, I chose Avalanche instead! I just like the Avalanche ecosystem better because it feels truly decentralized, it's away and out of the clutches of CZ, and the fees are way lower too.. On average a transaction on AVEX is only about 4 cents! That's my preference, I like to save time and money, AVEX transfers are fast, saving me time while being affordable, both aspects help give me a piece of mind that I don't get while using the Binance smart chain. Don't get me wrong, BSC is still a great tool, and I do use swaps on both networks, I go where the money is, and more importantly where I think the money will be in the future.

How'd I buy my SPORE?

We'll I didn't pay much for my SPORE, considering I had all this STORM interest accruing for free over on the https://stormswap.finance/fields, which I was posting about last week. So to finance my SPORE purchase, I harvested some STORM, sold half of the proceeds and swapped from STORM to AVAX, and then from AVAX to SPORE. Unfortunately there was an error, I couldn't figure out how to edit the slippage on Pangolin, stormswap.finance's swap, so I proceeded to browse to TraderJoexyz.com to see if I could edit the slippage change over there.

Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 7.57.21 PM.png /@coininstant/storm-is-dumping-a-monsoon-of-money-coins-down-from-the-heavens

Don't forget to use the official SPORE contract address to add the token!

: 0x6e7f5c0b9f4432716bdd0a77a3601291b9d9e985

Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 9.05.49 PM.png I just love mushrooms, and spores, so once I saw this currency I just knew I had munch on some!

Sure Enough I was able to SWAP SPORE on TraderJoexyz.com, once I raised the slippage up to 17%!

You may want to try a little lower slippage first, but I just went for 17%

Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 8.10.43 PM.png

After doing all that, I did it again & picked up a little more SPORE for good measure. I use multiple accounts on almost everything I do, I like to have backups just in case!! 😉
Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 8.05.39 PM.png

Check out the latest SPORE price chart at a glance! 🍄

Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 8.30.39 PM.pngLooks like a nice low dip to begin spreading spores around throughout my accounts!

Overall I love my deep new find tonight with SPORE, and I think this will be yet another home run ticket to the moon and beyond. 🌕

There's just something about mushrooms that draw my attention inward. I really dig SPORE, and their entire ecosystem, from the laid back developers, to the "superfutureistic" nature of this product overall. SPORE has everything yo need for your portfolio to bloom from a dark new empty Avalanche Abyss, to flying magic mushrooms swinging to the stars. What I say is "SPORE to the moon and beyond!"

Wow getting this next PBG-SPORE Pangolin LP

Now I have something to do with my PNG tokens too, stake SPORE!
Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 9.50.09 PM.pnghttps://twitter.com/sporeproject/header_photo

Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 9.19.33 PM.png

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