Has the new Death Meta begun? New Reward Card Ability AMPLIFY!


With some of the new reward card details that just dropped, I wanted to throw this out there for all my Splintertalk followers - if the new Amplify ability is available on a Death or Neutral Splinter, Aldric better watch out! (and people should run to the marketplace to grab the card I'm about to discuss)

Check out the official Splinterlands announcement below:


Just pure speculation here, but if Amplify does find its way onto a Splinter (and it's not a Summoner ability) and that Splinter is either Death or Neutral, Death just got a huge boost. Here's why:

Am I funny to you? Funny? Funny like a clown?


Our boy, Owster Rotwell (who???), will become an overnight sensation if the above comes true. Why? Well, Owster gives all Splinters the Magic Reflect ability. If a card with Amplify is on the team led by Owster, that's a lot of incoming magic fire coming back at opponents and a really bad draw for any team that relies upon magic damage. Could we be seeing an Owster meta by next week? We shall see, but you may want to pick up an Owster for yourself off the market just in case! (and yea, Mylor could be a good speculative buy right now as well - and if it doesn't pan out, well, you still have Mylor!)

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