Deck Building 101: Climb to Silver 1 with $50


For a new player, getting to Silver 1 to claim 18 Loot Chests at the end of every season is not just a grind of battles, but it is also a strategic game to have the right cards to compete against other players that may be spending a lot of money on the game. So how to compete if you're on a budget but want those sweet, sweet rewards? The guide below will provide a detailed walk-thru of how you can achieve and win battles up to the Silver 1 League level.

Are the rewards worth $50?

Well, yes, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this =) But if you don't believe me, here's the proof:


Splintercards currently values 18 Loot Chests for achieving Silver 1 at $11.14 (at the time of publishing). So it would take on average about 5 seasons or 10 weeks of gameplay to earn your $50 card investment back. However, this does not take into the account the DEC that you would be winning daily for your battles (>10 DEC per win on average) plus any card value appreciation during those 10 weeks. And we can't forget the value of happiness that you get by playing this wonderful game - that is priceless!

Power is Everything

In the case of getting into the Silver 1 bracket, the above is true. For a $50 investment, you won't be able to own the cards that give you the power to get into this League bracket (at least not at first), but with your winnings from your battles leading up to Silver 1, you can rent the required power to enter the Silver 1 bracket. Below is a reference for power values when considering what to rent.

Power Chart.PNG

In order to get to the required 70,000 power, I would recommend searching for rental deals in the marketplace on Alpha / Promo / Beta / Reward / Untamed Epics and renting enough to get you the minimum power. You may be surprised at the deals you can find if you are consistently checking the marketplace in the game.

Parade of Cards

For the actual card investment recommendations, I have focused this deck on 2 Splinter element types for purchases: Water and Fire. The reason for this is that you should look to have at least 2 good element types to be able to battle with to throw your opponent off guard as well as account for random battle requirements. The Water and Fire cards included to use with the Summoners Spellbook are already decent teams with good cards and combos available. By adding the cards below, we can achieve higher win rates, more flexibility, and special advantages in certain battle scenarios/conditions. The Water and Fire cards I'll be recommending will be supported by 2 Neutral Cards that provide value to both the Water and Fire teams as well as a Dragon Summoner which we'll learn more about below.

Water Splinters

Genie.PNG Monster.PNG Ghost.PNG Torhilo.PNG

With these cards, you'll generally want to use Aldric as your Summoner to get the +1 bonus to Magic damage. Sea Monster is a versatile regenerating tank. Torhilo is a good tank to use when going against other magic-heavy teams and can be used as an off-tank in high mana battles. He can also be effective in the second position in battles that use Blast. Sea Genie and Captain's Ghost are your added DPS for higher mana battles that put out high and consistent magic damage (can't miss and ignore shields).

Fire Splinters

Ant.PNG Monkey.PNG Dwarf.PNG Rage.PNG Pyro.PNG

These Fire element additions help round out the base Fire deck. Ant Miners can be used as a cheap off tank when placed correctly in your lineup to take advantage of its Scavenger ability. Flame Monkey is a cheap (1 mana) utility play with 2 Health that can be used instead of Creeping Ooze for battles that let Melee attack or Sneak from anywhere. Fineas is an effective Reach Splinter and off-tank. Exploding Dwarf is great for battles that use the Equalization condition (giving him extra Health). And Pyromancer provides Blast. And everyone likes Blast.

Neutral Splinters

Sandworm.PNG Ooze.PNG

Sandworm is a great utility play for higher mana battles in Silver leagues. He has high damage and Sneak. While he may miss from time to time with his slow speed, when he hits, he hits like a Mack truck to your opponents back line. Try keeping him in the front-middle of your team to avoid being sniped by other Sandworms and allow him to bide time for your Ranged attacks should the battle get to that point. Creeping Ooze is a great card to throw in with that odd mana left over. It reduces your enemy's Speed across the board and can be placed as a throwaway meatshield at the back or 2nd position in your lineup, if needed.

Dragon Summoner


By having Brighton avaiable to you, you gain an immediate advantage in any scenario that uses Earthquake. Brighton will allow your entire team to fly, negating any damage from Earthquakes each round. 'Nuff said.

So there you have it! For a $50 investment, you can position yourself to compete and win at the Silver 1 levels. I've also included some honorable mentions below should you find some extra cash hidden in the couch which will further enhance the above teams.

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Honorable Mentions

Archer.PNG Axe.PNG Wood.PNG Cube.PNG

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