Renting Cards, What you should know!

Hello people,

Today I'm writing a simple guide about what you should know while renting cards if your point is getting the most value out of it back!

What does it mean having the most value back? Well when you rent a card you spend any amount of either credit or DEC on the card that you rent. Depending on the card you rent you can get some bonus applied to your winnings.

Wait what ?? I can get more rewards depending on the card I rent ? Actually yes but not all the cards are worth it. What I mean by that is certain card have multiple edition on them. Certain edition when you play any game can give you more % towards the amount of DEC you can win at the end of your battle.


So if you rent any card that are GOLD , ALPHA , BETA, PROMO at the end of your battle they're gonna give you more % towards your rewards!

You're gonna say BUT, they should cost more than a normal card no ? Well most of the time you're right but some of the most popular card out there are sometimes lower than the normal card and most people don't take the time to look at those, + they're gonna give you more rewards towards your win so why not rent those instead?

Don't believe me ? Let's look together at Divine Healer :) !!!

This is the Beta Normal card , If you look at the level 4 renting on the image you can see that it rents around 18.40 DEC/Day, Now let's look at the same card but GOLD :) !!

We can clearly see right there that we can rent the same level 4 Divine Healer for 17.46 DEC/Day ! Its almost 1 DEC per day less than the normal card which is crazy since it's gonna give you more rewards towards your win :) !!

There you go , I won't reveal every card that I know of and let you do your own research on card that could have some potential on renting gold vs normal :) !

Please let me know in the comments what you think about my article and what would be needed to make them better :)

If you need help regarding anything related Splinterlands feel free to ask and for French people go ahead I speak French also :) !!

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