When Plado Calls...


I have to admit...

My Splinterlands journey has been quite a journey!

Here's the brief history:

I learn about Steem Monsters and join. I know nothing about card games or NFTs at this time. But I caught the bug and grabbed a few Alpha and Beta packs. And still had no idea what I was doing...While the game rebrands to Splinterlands, I end up ignoring it and life goes on...

I catch the bug again in late 2020 / early 2021. But not as a player of the game. I start understanding NFTs and the use case that Splinterlands cards have. So I start diving into buying cards, slowly but surely. And of course, a lot of Untamed and Dice packs.

I don't stash them, I open every single one.

In one of those packs I get this little card...And welp, I've been hooked from then on:


Over the past few months, I've been trying to learn the game. Following the amazing content creators here on Splintertalk and aroudn the net, I'm slowly picking up strategies and getting a bit more confident in my ability to PLAy the game.

Still....I kind of suck at it lol

And now we come to today...And the collectibility and investing side of Splinterlands has come full circle. Up unto this point, the most I ever spent on a card was about $250.

That changed today when I grabbed this guy....


He's not Yodin. And he's not a card most people seem to play with but I think I know why lol

And it's why I pulled the trigger on grabbing this card today.

There's 681 Plado's right now and won't have the distribution of Yodin becuase he's a Beta Legendary.

And he's my first Beta Legendary so this isn't an investment in my ability to win any matches, in fact the first 4 matches I played with him I got destroyed LOL

But for rarity and potential for this card to explode in value is what I'm looking at. And hey, it helps when the gold foil legendary version of him is on the market for 100k LOL

I took a hit to get Plado. I sold a few of my cards on the market, and the worst was how much DEC I lost in card value compared to what I got back for Plado.

Regardless, I'm willing to take that hit for the potential that this card could have down the road....

Which card do you have your sights on?

Whether it's for playing or investing...Or heck even both?

I'm pretty happy now, so I'll just go back to stacking these cards and accumulating SPS everyday....That's the best part about Splinterlands if you ask me, we can fall in love with the game or the investing side of things...But we end up discovering so much more that it has to offer alng the way :)

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