To Guild Or Not To Guild....


The title might be a little misleading because...I'm trying to guild up ;)

No matter what my decision will end up being, I do plan on taking part in the guild battles because let's be honest...We all want more cards LOL

And hey, that extra bit of DEC doesn't hurt either!

O.K., so let me explain my dilemma...

I have wanted to join a guild for a while now, but I'm not sure how to approach it.

One one hand, I'm not that good of a Splinterlands player. I'm learning, and trying to get better each and every day...However, I struggle to get out of Silver league!

So I'm not sure any top teams would even look my way, as I wouldn't expect them to.

However, I am learning and putting in the work. I want to focus a lot of my effort over the next few months learning the game and mastering my play as best I can. So deep down, I know I can contribute.

But if you think this is me with my hands out begging for a squad to join....Keep reading lol

The next part of the problem is that...I'm debating if I should start my own guild.

If you guys have been following our little journey with the @he-index token on Hive Engine, you'll know that we've got big plans to build an esports team and support gamers on Splinterlands when player staking becomes a reality!

So as a business decision, it makes perfect sense to build our own guild, complete with team jerseys and see if we can make some noise ;)


We have a detailed plan on how we hope to accomplish this, which you can read here if you would like to know more about our 'big plans'.


So yeah...All signs are pointing me to dive in, pay the 10,000 DEC and start our own guild!

Still...I'm looking for feedback!

Do you think this is a good strategy to jump into the guild battles?

Or should I play around and test the waters by seeing any guild would take me in while I continue to learn the ropes?

Shut up Jonny!!!!

Start the guild now, and let's build this esports team!!!!!

(That's the little voice inside my head....)

I think I know which way I'm leaning, but would love to hear your thoughts on this...

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